To our knowledge, the only way to purchase used auto parts is to shop at your local salvage yards, otherwise known as a junkyard or wrecking yards, and with over 82,000 salvage yards in the United States, it shouldn’t be that hard for you to find one near you.

But just because you can find used auto parts at a salvage yard does not necessarily mean you should, and that’s what we’re going to talk about in this article.  Are used car parts reliable when purchased from a salvage yard?

We believe they are, and we should know. We are All Import Auto Parts from Fort Worth, Texas, boasting over a quarter-of-a-century of providing quality used salvage parts to Texans.  We’ve been around long enough to feel confident in giving you multiple reasons why used car parts purchased from a salvage yard are very, very reliable.

Let’s find out why.

Many used auto parts are barely used

The vast majority of vehicles found in car junkyards are vehicles which have been in accidents and have been declared as “totaled.”  That simply means the cost of repairing them is larger than the value of the vehicle itself, and thus not worth repairing.  But such accidents happen, oftentimes, to new vehicles.

For example, a 2020 Ford F-150 gets in an accident. It suffers extensive body damage, but the engine and all of its components are not affected by the accident.  If you were to purchase a fuel pump from that vehicle, you would basically be buying a nearly-new fuel pump for half price and face it, that’s a great deal.

All used auto parts come with a warranty

All Import Auto Parts gives a 90-day warranty on every single used part we sell.  Many of the more reputable salvage yards around the country give similar warranties.  Considering the savings you receive by buying used, also receiving three months of a guarantee is a great deal and further increases your peace of mind.

All used parts we sell are tested prior to sale

At All Import Auto Parts, we have a reputation to uphold, so we test all major parts on every vehicle which comes to our lot.  We have no desire to sell you a defective part.  It’s embarrassing to us to do so, and the paperwork involved in returns is a pain in the patoote. We avoid much of that embarrassment by making sure all of our parts are in working order before we ever offer them for sale.

Purchasing used auto parts saves money

The average savings on used auto parts?  40%, thank you very much.  Oftentimes it is much more. Rarely is it less.  During these hard times and tough economic conditions, with jobs so hard to come by, maintaining your vehicle for as little cost as possible is extremely important.

Purchasing used car parts helps the environment

Every used car part purchased means one less car part which has to be manufactured, which means less metal used, which means less mining, and it also means fewer natural resources used.

The environment loves salvage yards, and you can quote us on that.

Put it all together and it becomes very obvious why you should consider purchasing used auto parts from a salvage yard like All Import Auto Parts. Give us a call and we’ll find your car part, either in your city or anywhere in the United States.