Money paid for junker cars at auto salvage yards

Currently, in the United States, nearly 100% of automobiles get recycled, making auto recycling easily the #1 consumer product for recycling.

Think about that for a moment. It’s rather remarkable, in this throwaway country, that any consumer product would be recycled to the tune of 100%, and that fact makes us at All Import Auto Parts pretty proud.  We lead the way, in Fort Worth, in the auto junkyards industry, and we invite you to call us for all of your used car parts, and used truck parts, needs.

Let’s talk a bit more about auto recycling because it really is quite remarkable.

What happens to vehicles which are no longer usable?

The standard procedure goes something like this: a vehicle is in a wreck, or a vehicle is just old and blows an engine. Whatever the case may be, it can no longer be used and it must be “junked.”  It is then sold to salvage yards/wrecking yards, where the recycling begins.

Usable parts are taken off of the junked vehicle and resold, to consumers, as used auto parts, usually at a 40%-50% discount.

Fluids are drained and disposed of in a responsible, environmentally-safe way.

Mercury switches are removed.

The remaining hulk of the car gets sent to a shredder, where it is rendered into fist-sized hunks of metal. That metal, in turn, is shipped to steel mills, and other processing plants, where it is used to make new steel for new steel products, including new vehicles.

Every year, over 18-million tons of steel is recycled from wrecked cars and trucks, and about 25% of that goes into the making of new cars and trucks, including car shells, hoods, trunks, side panels, and doors.

And the whole process begins when you sell your vehicle at local salvage yards.

How reliable are used car parts at salvage yards?

We get this question all the time, and the answer is very reliable, as reliable as any car part currently in your vehicle, and we don’t make that statement without backing it up with a 90-day warranty on every single part we sell at All Import Auto Parts.

Think about it for a moment. Most vehicles are manufactured to last, at a minimum, 100,000 miles.  Many brands are fully-capable of running beautifully for 200,000 miles or more.  So there is no reason at all to think purchasing used auto parts is a risk. Quite frankly, if they were that big a risk, salvage yards would not be such a profitable business.  Word would spread among consumer not to trust auto salvage parts, and the salvage yard industry would dry up and go the way of the dinosaur.

But it is a viable industry, and salvage yards do well, and that is because quality products are sold at great discounts, and DIY car owners are finding that it just makes good sense, or good cents, to purchase used auto parts.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts

All Import Auto Parts is family-owned and operated, and has been serving the greater Fort Worth area, with distinction, for over three decades. Call us for all of your replacement parts needs.