auto wrecking yards will give you cash for your wreckedd car.

If you are looking to cut expenses and save money, shopping at car junk yards is one way you can accomplish your goal, and we are going to share our experience and professional knowledge with you, in this article, about that. We are All Import Auto Parts, and for over thirty years we have saved money for DIYers who are looking for the very best in used car parts, and used truck parts, in the Fort Worth area. Call us the next time you need quality auto parts at a discount.

What kind of money can you save at car junk yards?

The answer to this question about saving money is two-fold.

First, you save money on the price of used auto parts vs new auto parts, to the tune of approximately 40%. We say “approximately” because that 40% figure is the industry average in the United States. On any given day, you may save more than 40% on a particular item.

What is the yearly car-maintenance average in the U.S.?  It is somewhere in the $750-$1000 per year range, depending upon the make and model of your vehicle, which means that shopping at quality salvage yards will save you in the neighborhood of $280-$400 per year.  If money is tight, or you are on a fixed income, that kind of savings is important.

The second savings is in the labor costs.  Car mechanics make, on average, $75 per hour to work on your car, with one-hour minimum.  A simple brake adjustment is going to cost you, at the very least, $75, a job which any of you reading this can do in a half-hour with very little instruction.

How do you learn to do the repairs yourself?

Welcome to the world of YouTube.  There are instructional videos on practically any task imaginable.  If you can imagine it, chances are you can find it on YouTube. So, if the information is readily available, that then means you must have a willingness to get dirty and do the work.  You must get over your hesitancy, toss away the self-doubt, and dive into DIY car repair with gusto, because there is good money to be saved by you doing so.

Some jobs you should leave to the pros, but not many

A word of caution: we believe some jobs are too big for a novice to tackle. We would not recommend a novice try to change a transmission, or replace an engine.  You may have a friend who knows how to do those things, but we do not recommend you try it, armed with nothing but YouTube.  Some jobs are better left to the pros, and that’s just the real of it.

The bottom line is this:  For most car repair, the DIY method is much-less expensive, and much more doable than most people think, and your local car junk yards have the parts you need to do the job right.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts

Family owned, and operating in the Fort Worth area for over thirty years, All Import Auto Parts is a trusted name in the Fort Worth community. Call us the next time you need quality used auto parts at a fair price, and ask us about our 90-day warranty on all parts sold at All Import Auto Parts.