used auto parts

Truth be told, we hate the phrase “car junk yards.”  Talk about a negative description of a vital American industry!  But it’s been around for decades, that phrase, and salvage yards are thriving, so obviously it hasn’t hurt the industry too much.

Today we want to present our argument why car junk yards do not sell junk, despite the less-than-clever tagline they have been stuck with for years. We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with QUALITY used auto parts and used truck parts. Call us for all of your replacement parts needs.

Now, about that myth!

Car junk yards sell used car parts, not junk parts.

Salvage yards nationwide do two things: they provide consumers with quality used car parts, and they provide the auto industry with recycled materials from which new car parts are manufactured. There is nothing junkie about any of that.  We suspect this negative “tagline” arose from the word “junker,” which was often used to describe a vehicle which was not running, or was running poorly.  Since those vehicles were often sold to salvage yards, or wrecking yards, the salvage yard industry was eventually associated with parting off junk parts . . . thus, they were car junk yards.

We prefer the term “salvage yards,” because the word “salvage” means to rescue, which is what we do, we rescue workable parts from vehicles which no longer work properly.

Car junk yards save you money, and lots of it.

Now that you know what we do for a living, let’s talk about how it helps you, the car owners of America.  When we sell used auto parts, we sell them at a discount. The industry average discount is about 40%.  Those kinds of savings add up over the years when we are talking just about regular maintenance of any vehicle.

But can you trust used auto parts? We are asked that constantly.  Our answer is to give a 90-day warranty, and to test every single part we sell before we sell it.  If you think about it, most car parts are engineered to last at least 100,000 miles. If we have a vehicle in our yard that was in a wreck, that wreck did not damage the engine parts. They are still working properly, but now you can buy them at a 40% discount. It’s like an early Christmas present every time you visit a salvage yard.

And, when all the parts are sold, there is more . . .

But there’s more! By recycling the parts we cannot sell, we are helping the environment by cutting down on mining and saving the energy needed for mining.

This is an industry where nobody loses, and that’s a rarity in the business world.

So, car junk yards? We think not!  Car salvage yards, yes!  Money-saving yards, most definitely!

A final word about All Import Auto Parts.

All Import Auto Parts has been selling used auto parts to Fort Worth residents for over thirty years, and that fact speaks volumes about our customer service and the quality of product we sell. Call us today and we will save you money.