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Salvage yards have been around in the United States, literally, for decades.  It seems that as long as there have been motor vehicles there have been salvage yards dotting the American landscape.  Over the years millions of car owners have visited wrecking yards in search of used car parts and used auto body parts.

Still, today, there are millions of car owners who have not visited a salvage yard, and this article is for them.  In this article we will touch upon the main facts about an American tradition.  We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth area for over thirty years. Call us if you have questions or you need us to do a used auto parts search for you.

Where do the used auto parts come from?

If you have ever visited a salvage yard, you know that the actual “yard” is filled with used vehicles, all in various stages if damage and disrepair.  Those vehicles arrive in a variety of ways. Some are delivered after car wrecks i.e cars are designated as “totaled” by insurance companies, and the salvage yard will purchase the totaled vehicle.  Some are sold to the salvage yard by private owners who simply do not have the money necessary to replace an engine or a transmission. And some are found at car auctions, often held by police departments or city governments i.e. seized vehicles or impounded vehicles or abandoned vehicles.

Does the customer “pull” the part, or do the salvage yard employees?

Some salvage yards are designated at “pull your part” salvage yards. Some are not. Usually, if the customer pulls the part, there is a slight discount on the price of the already discounted price.

How reliable are the parts purchased at a salvage yard?

Let’s take our own salvage yard, All Import Auto Parts, as an example. We give a 90-day warranty with every single recycled car part and used auto body parts we sell. In addition, we do an inspection of every part we sell and make sure that it is a functioning, reliable parts.  When a part is purchased at All Import Auto Parts, the buyer can rest assured that the part works just fine.

How long will the part work?  It’s a used part.  You are paying a huge discount for that part.  How long it lasts, after the 90-day warranty, is anyone’s guess, just as it is for any auto part, new or used.  Manufacturers design car parts to last hundreds of thousands of miles, if that knowledge helps you at all.

How much of a discount does the customer get?

On average, salvage yards sell used car parts for approximately a 40% discount.  On average!  There will be discounts upwards of 70% at times. There will be discounts of only 20% on rare occasions. We can only share the industry standard with you.

What if the part you need isn’t available at the salvage yard?

No problem! We go online, search inventories of other salvage yards across the country, find the part you need, and have it shipped to you within a matter of a couple days.  Whatever you need, for whatever make or model of vehicle you own, we can find the part.

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