used car parts at salvage yards

The year is 2021, a full year plus since the Pandemic begin, restrictions were levied, and jobs were lost. Welcome to the Year of the DYI, when Americans everywhere taught themselves how to do jobs themselves rather than spend money having someone else do them. Welcome to the Year of DIY car repair, and the need for used car parts.

It is said that necessity is the mother if invention, but necessity does not mean knowledge.  Many people who are determined to begin DIY car repair really know nothing about used auto parts, how reliable they are, how much they cost, or where you can shop for them. This article will answer those question.

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Where to find used car parts

You can find used auto parts online. There are several used auto parts online companies which will ship the used part you need to your home.  In cities of a certain size, you can find used auto parts stores in a brick-and-mortar location.  You can also go on sites like Craigslist and find people who are parting out vehicles like yours and purchase parts from them. And you can find used auto parts and used auto body parts at local salvage yards.

How much will you save by buying used car parts?

There is no way to accurately answer this question. We can tell you that shopping at salvage yards will save you, on average, 40% on the price of a new car part.  That 40% can easily represent savings in the hundreds of dollars during one year.  Please note, that does not mean a 40% discount on every car part; but it does represent the industry standards across the United States.

Can you trust used car parts?

The quick answer to this question is this: it depends on where you buy the used car part. Buying online may or may not be a risk. Check the online reviews for those companies.  Purchasing from private individuals from a site like Craigslist is a crapshoot on the best of days.  Purchasing from salvage yards like All Import Auto Parts, where every part you purchase carries a 90-day warranty, that is about as safe as you can get when buying car parts used.

Do you have the skills necessary for DIY car repair?

My goodness, yes you have the skills for DIY car repair. This is the Age of YouTube. Anyone can learn how to mount a new engine thanks to YouTube, so replacing a fuel pump is relatively easy.

The most difficult part of DIY car repair is in diagnostics.  Discovering what is actually wrong with your car is much harder to do than actually repairing it but, still, with so much information online these days, even a novice can determine what is wrong with a vehicle.

A word about All Import Auto Parts

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