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Salvage yards get a bad rap!

There’s something about the word “salvage” which triggers negative thoughts with people, especially with people who have never visited a real salvage yard.  Now, admittedly, negative reactions to that term are justified with people of a certain age, say those born in the 30’s and 40’s.  Back then you could go to wrecking yards, in search of used car parts, and you would see rats racing amongst the broken down cars.

Nothing could be further from the truth today.

Welcome! We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, and we invite you to call us for all of your used auto parts and used auto body parts needs.

Now, back to that bad rap!

Visit your local salvage yard in-person

Visit your local salvage yard, a place like All Import Auto Parts, and you’ll find a modern office with a friendly staff, waiting to take care of your auto needs.  Tell us what you want, we will check our inventory, and we will tell you if we have that car parts on our lot.

If we have it, you have your choice, with many salvage yards, of either having the attendee pick your part for you, or you can go out into the car lot and pick the part yourself.

Either way, on average, you save, by the industry standard, approximately 40% on that used car part rather than purchasing that same part new.

The lot itself is organized and kept clean and tidy.  No rats can be found, the old world of salvage yards is dead and buried.

Visit your local salvage yard online

If we don’t have the part you are searching for, we simply do an online search and find that part from one of the thousands of salvage yards around the United States . . . or . . . you can go onto our website and conduct the online search yourself on our website. Either way, the part is found and shipped to you.  It’s rather like walking through an online salvage yard without the physical exercise.

And again, savings in the 40% neighborhood is yours.

Save money, save the environment

Obviously, you are saving money by buying used auto parts, but did you also know you are saving the environment?  Every used car part that is sold is one less new car part which must be manufactured, meaning less mining and less energy used in the production process.  It is a win for you and it is a win for the environment, and once all of the parts have been stripped from a car, that car frame is recycled and used in the production of more car parts.

Another win!

A word about All Import Auto Parts

For over thirty years, this family owned and operated business has served the fine people of Fort Worth, Texas. That kind of longevity only happens if the service is excellent and the product is of high quality.

Call us for your used auto parts needs. We are standing by the phone ready to help you.