The term “BMW junkyard” doesn’t sound very appealing, does it? We prefer “Used BMW parts” found at quality salvage yards, and that is what this article is all about, the great deals on used BMW parts you will find at All Import Auto Parts and other quality salvage yards across the country.

Call All Import Auto Parts for more information, but now, let’s talk about the BMW junkyard near you.

Have you priced new BMW replacement parts lately?

In case you haven’t noticed, times are tough lately. The pandemic of 2020-2020 made it difficult to be a car owner.  For many, simply finding the money to purchase gas was difficult.  Finding the money to pay for replacement parts when their vehicle broke down?  Mission impossible for many!

Still, they needed their vehicles. They needed to get to work. They needed to get the kids to school and the doctor.  They were stuck between the proverbial rock and the hard place if their car broke down. They couldn’t afford to take the car to a car mechanic.  The price of labor and replacement parts was prohibitive.  What could they do?

Why pay more?

Many came to realize that there were great deals being offered on used auto parts at salvage yards. May found the wisdom in DIY car repair, saving big bucks on mechanic labor.  Many found that they could save, literally, thousands of dollars each year on car repair by simply purchasing used car parts at salvage yards and installing them themselves.

Many made it through the pandemic years by doing exactly that.

What can you find at salvage yards?

You can find, quite literally, any used part for any vehicle on the road, and you can find that part for savings up to 40% or higher.  Used BMW parts? No problem at a salvage yard like All Import Auto Parts.  If we don’t have the specific used salvage auto parts you need, we find them at another salvage yard in the United States and have it shipped to our location.  It is quick, it is easy, and it is money saved in your pocket, money which can be used for other things like food, rent, and other necessities.

Buy with confidence at salvage yards

Don’t let the words “used salvage parts” scare you. At All Import Auto Parts, we offer a 90-day warranty with every single part we sell. We test our parts to make sure they are working properly.  Our goal, at All Import Auto Parts, is to have you as a repeat customer over and over again, so it is in our best interest to sell you quality BMW parts at a price you can afford.  And considering the fact we have been in business for over thirty years, we think our track record speaks for itself.

A word about All Import Auto Parts

Call us today for all of your used BMW parts needs.  We are more than just a BMW junkyard. We are a quality solution to your needs, a solution you can count on, and a solution you can afford.  Call us today and be back on the road tomorrow.