This is not your regular article about car auto parts and car parts for sale. We have no intention of listing the various parts found in a car or truck. We have no desire to rehash information most of you have known since you were old enough to drive.

No, in this article, we will mention a few things you may not know, or many not have thought about, and we will discuss the ramifications for you, a car or truck driver.

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The rising cost of car auto parts

This article is being written in the year 2021.  To state the obvious, car parts cost more today than they did twenty years ago.  Duh!  And to continue with that obvious statement, car parts will cost considerably more in twenty years than they do today.

Why?  Mining costs are rising.  Energy costs are rising.  The cost of technology in the car industry are rising.  And all of those rising costs are passed on to car and truck owners.  New cars and trucks will cost more, and part-replacement costs will cost more.

That’s just a fact! That’s just the real of it!

Tough times give rise to disreputable people

The recession of 2008 . . . the pandemic and economic troubles of 2020/2021 . . . during times like those, shady people pop up like Bluebonnets on the Texas landscape.  We mention this because we firmly believe in this old adage: if it seems to good to be true, it probably isn’t!

Beware of car prices which seem ridiculously low.  Beware of car part prices which seem too low to be true.  The cold, hard fact of the matter is this regarding car prices and car parts prices: new will cost more in the future!

You have options available to you

So, all of that in the article, up to this point, all of that was the bad news.  Now let’s talk about some good news.

Car owners in need of car parts, you have options!  Buying new car parts is not always the best financial decision.  Buying used auto parts, or used auto body parts, just might be the best financial decision you will make.

Check out your local salvage yards. Check out places like All Import Auto Parts. There you can find topnotch, high-quality, completely reliable used car parts at discounts averaging 40%. There you will find the savings you deserve during these tough times.

Shop with confidence born from warranties

Used does not have to mean low-quality or risky. Places like All Import Auto Parts give 90-day warranties on every part sold.  We test every single part before selling it.  The risk is so low, especially coupled with the low, low price, so that your confidence level will rise dramatically when shopping there.

A word about All Import Auto Parts

For over thirty years, All Import Auto Parts has provided quality service and quality product to the people of Fort Worth. That kind of longevity in business only happens when customers are consistently happy, and our customers are!  Call us today and let us find the car auto parts you need at a price you can afford.