Although vehicles are designed and built very proficiently by their manufacturers, the wear and tear some internal and external parts receive over time leaves their owners the choice of whether to have a shop to repair them or replace the parts themselves. Among those parts that often need to fixed or changed are the bumpers and body auto.
An average do-it-yourself mechanic can save quite a bit of money – and a trip to the local body shop – by replacing a front bumper, a rear bumper or fender in the friendly confines of his own garage. The first step is finding replacement bumpers, bumper parts or fenders.
It’s a good idea to replace your old bumper with a used bumper. An online retailer like All Import Auto Parts is an outstanding source for used bumpers and fenders. They stock used auto parts, salvage car parts, recycled auto parts and junkyard parts. It’s easy to search as many online suppliers as you want and compare prices to get the best possible deal because they have every kind of import parts for car.
Once you have purchased a replacement bumper, it should take even an auto repair novice only an hour or so to remove the old and install a new – or used – alternate.
Find the nuts and bolts under the bumper that hold it to the body of the vehicle and use a wrench to remove the nut from each bolt. You will probably need some help for the next step, which is moving the old bumper away from the car. If your replacement bumper doesn’t come with bolts, take the bolts out of the old bumper for reuse.
Insert either new or old bolts in the replacement bumper and put it in position so the bolt lines up with the holes from which the old bumper was taken. Position the car bumper so each bolt is inserted into proper holes. Screw the nuts onto the bolts and tighten them securely with a wrench.

How To Replace A Bumper

So you want to know how to replace a bumper, huh?  Well, the good news, and it’s all good news, is that a bumper is a very easy replacement job, so listen up. If you are replacing the rear bumper, take the license plate off first.  Get a friend to come over and help you…