The 2015 Scion xB

Why do people buy hatchbacks?  Usually because they are looking for a practical solution for small hauling jobs, right?  I mean what other reason would there be to have the back end of your vehicle open up?  You want an easy way to get to cargo.

Why do people buy compact wagons?  Again, for storage space, but most definitely for hauling a number of passengers around comfortably.

And why do people buy Scions?  If you asked previous Scion owners, you would most likely hear “fun” as the number one reason. Scions are fun cars to drive and they have a little spice that most drivers enjoy.

Scion Continues to Make Toyota Proud

Toyota can never be accused of resting on their laurels and relaxing a bit.  A few years ago, Toyota released a new line of cars, the Scion line, to appeal to a new generation of youthful buyers.  As Toyota puts it, Scion’s mission is to “provide distinctive products, the opportunity to personalize, and an innovative, consumer-driven process at the retail levl.”

Scion TC Coupe

For car enthusiasts and ordinary people out there who were pretty much bummed with the Toyota Celica’s delayed released until 2013, then cheer up and take a peek at the new Scion TC coupe. This very affordable model is economical and features a durable and well built design that is meant to last for years.…

Scion xA: Toyota’s Minor Masterpiece

The Toyota Scion xA is the name of the five door subcompact car exported to the United States. It is known as the Toyota ist in Japan. This car was marketed in the United States between 2004-2006 before Toyota ceased importing it into America in December 2006. It was soon to be replaced by the…