auto wrecking yards will give you cash for your wreckedd car.

Anyone looking for “auto wreckers near me” should probably read this article, and that goes for anyone a little confused as to what an auto wrecker is.  We have the information you need regarding auto wrecking, we being All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with top quality and inexpensive used auto parts. Call us the next time you need a quality used car part to get your vehicle running smoothly again.

A rose by any other name

First, let’s clarify something about the term “auto wreckers.”  They really are very rarely referred to by that name, more commonly known as salvage yards, or wrecking yards.  They are places where wrecked cars, or inoperable cars, are sent, and there they are taken apart, piece by piece, and sold to the DIY public.  If you need a used oil pump for a ’85 Toyota, you will find used Toyota parts at your local salvage yard.  If you need used Ford parts or used BMW parts or used Mercedes parts, your first stop should be your local salvage yards.

Two types of wrecking yards

There are basically two types of wrecking yards to choose from, ones where the wrecking yards staff will pull the parts you need, and ones called you pull it salvage yards where the customer goes, with tools, and pulls the parts needed.  Generally speaking, the price for the parts at a you-pull-it are slightly cheaper, but you can’t beat the convenience of having your parts pulled by a professional staff.

Price, convenience, and a warranty as a bonus

The main reason most DIYers go to a salvage yard is the price.  Savings averaging 40% can be found at legitimate and trustworthy salvage yards, and that means savings of hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars over the span of a year. In today’s tough economy, those kinds of savings are tough to ignore.

And it’s hard to ignore the convenience of your local salvage yard. No matter what you need, no matter how obscure the car part is that you want, your local salvage yard can find it for you, if not on their lot then on a salvage yard lot somewhere in the U.S., and it will then be shipped to your location.

And, finally, if your local salvage yard is reputable like All Import Auto Parts, they will offer an industry-best warranty, like ours, of 90-days, so you can buy with confidence.

A final word about the environment

Lastly, a word about the environment, and why salvage yards help Mother Nature.  Anything not sold at a salvage yard is then crushed, recycled, and used to make new auto parts, meaning a savings in energy and fewer raw materials needed for new parts.  It is a win-win for everyone, the consumer and the environment.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts

For over thirty years, All Import Auto Parts has led the way in Fort Worth, selling quality used auto parts and used truck parts, offering great savings, and providing the best warranty in the business. Call us for all of your used car parts needs.  You can count on our track record.