Money paid for junker cars at auto salvage yards

A new Mercedes is expensive; a used Mercedes parts are expensive; it stands to reason, then, and should come as no surprise, that quality used auto parts for a Mercedes are expensive as well, usually more expensive than used Toyota parts, used BMW parts, or any other used car parts.

Since money is an issue for many car owners, this article will explore the options you have in finding used Mercedes parts, and how to find the best price for those parts.

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Why purchase used auto parts or used truck parts?

There are two primary reasons for purchasing used parts rather than new parts:  either you are trying to save money, or you are environmentally conscious and you are trying to help save the planet.

We will talk about the money you can save later on in this article.  As for saving the planet, every new auto part requires more energy used and more resources mined.  Every used auto part requires none of that.  There is no doubt, and it cannot be argued against, that purchasing used auto parts is better for the environment.

Options for finding used Mercedes parts

You really only have three options for purchasing used Mercedes parts:

  • Go online to a site like Craigslist and try to find someone parting out their Mercedes
  • Purchase your own used, salvaged Mercedes from an auction and use it for parts
  • Go to your local salvage yard, a salvage yard like All Import Auto Parts, where you can find anything you need.

The first option is like crap-shooting.  Finding someone online who is parting out the exact make and model of your Mercedes is like a snipe hunt. The odds of you being successful are close to zero.

The second option is a bit expensive, too expensive for more car owners, and the idea of having a car sitting in your yard, slowly being parted out, is a turn-off for many car owners.

In our opinion, the only logical approach when looking to purchase used car parts is to shop at salvage yards.

How much money can you save by purchasing used salvage parts?

On average, an industry average based on thousands of salvage yards across the county, savings of 30%-40% can be expected when purchasing used auto parts from salvage yards.  To put that in money terms, a Mercedes part which would cost $500 new will only cost you $300 at a reputable salvage yard like All Import Auto Parts, and that is a serious savings!

A word about All Import Auto Parts

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