Where can you find used Mercedes parts?

The same place you can find used Toyota parts or any other brand of used car parts – your local salvage yards!

Yes, there are other ways to obtain used auto parts.  You can check out Craigslist to see if anyone is parting out the make and model car you have.  You can check out ebay on the off-chance the same thing is happening.  You can drive around the city in hopes of spotting the specific deal you are looking for.  Or you can join a car enthusiast website and hope you run across someone who happens to own the exact 1999 Mercedes XL that you own.

But all of those approaches are hit-and-miss at best, and our solution for used auto parts is a guarantee!

Which sounds better to you?

The name is All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth area now for over thirty years.  With longevity like that, we must be doing something right. Call us if you live in the Fort Worth area. Heck, call us if you live anywhere in the United States. We can ship your Mercedes used parts out the next day and save you hanging out on car websites.

Used auto parts – used auto body parts – this is what we do, and we are good at it.

How it all works

Let’s consider a common scenario we see daily at All Import Auto Parts.  A guy comes in looking for a fuel pump for a 2005 Mercedes e320.  He already priced a new fuel pump but the price, coupled with a pretty skimpy savings account, has the car owner looking for alternatives.

Two things can happen at this point: either we have the specific part this man wants, in which case we sell it to him, on the spot, for an average of 40% savings, or we do an online search of the thousands of salvage yards around the country, and we find the part he needs and have it shipped to our facility.

But what if we can’t find that Mercedes part in the United States?

No worries! We can find it in Europe and still have it shipped to our facility.

In other words, either visit us in person, or visit us online or by the phone, tell us what you want, and if it exists in the Western World, we will find it and get it to you.

And that is how we have stayed in business for as long as we have.  Great service, coupled with a friendly staff, equals winnings for you at a price you can afford.

Can you buy used auto parts with confidence?

You can from All Import Auto Parts. We provide a 90-day warranty for all parts we sell. We test every part we sell.  The bottom line is this: we need you, the customer, satisfied.  If you are happy with the product and service we provide, you will come back to us and you will tell your friends about us.

And that means we will continue to thrive in business, just as we have done for over thirty years.

Do you need used Mercedes parts? Call All Import Auto Parts!  It’s the smart move for any car owner.