Used car parts can save you money on car repairs. Japanese import cars and European import cars tend to cost more to repair. The positive side, though, is they last much longer than American cars.
To save money, buy used auto parts from a reputable salvage yard. Many salvage yards are quite large and run extensive inventory systems with hundreds of thousands of used parts. Even hard to find parts can be purchased and shipped directly to you.
All Import Auto Parts is located in Fort Worth Texas but ships all over the world. Every used part comes with a warranty and a no hassle refund policy.
Below is a list of the more popular replacement parts. If you don’t find the part you need, email or call us. Our parts specialist can find almost any part for your import car.

Car Stereo Systems Shopping Guide

Welcome to the wonderfully complicated world of car audio systems.  Remember back in the old days when all we had in our vehicle was an AM radio?  Well how things have changed!  Now, if all you have is an AM/FM radio people look at you like you came out of the Stone Age! And have…

The Trusty Radiator

So are you in the market for a used radiator? Are you feeling a little inadequate because you aren’t even sure what a radiator does? Well you have come to the right place because we are going to give you a quick, 300 words on used radiators and by the time we get done you…

Fuel Pumps Do What?

So before we delve into the detailed information about fuel pumps let’s see if we can’t get down to basics: fuel pumps pump fuel! Were you taking notes? Now for a little bit more detailed description of the under-appreciated fuel pump. In the old days, like before ten years ago, most vehicles had a mechanical…