Used car parts can save you money on car repairs. Japanese import cars and European import cars tend to cost more to repair. The positive side, though, is they last much longer than American cars.
To save money, buy used auto parts from a reputable salvage yard. Many salvage yards are quite large and run extensive inventory systems with hundreds of thousands of used parts. Even hard to find parts can be purchased and shipped directly to you.
All Import Auto Parts is located in Fort Worth Texas but ships all over the world. Every used part comes with a warranty and a no hassle refund policy.
Below is a list of the more popular replacement parts. If you don’t find the part you need, email or call us. Our parts specialist can find almost any part for your import car.

Car Body Parts You Need To Work On

There will always be things that you need to replace on your car the longer you have it. It is only smart if you find a way to save money while making those replacements. Your car body has many parts that can break during its life time. There are door parts, seat parts, upholstery, engine…

Used Car Distributors Found At Junkyard

New Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are expensive and at time difficult to find. Many people do not understand the value of searching for used auto parts. Let’s take a car distributor for example. Many new OEM dealers are charging hundreds of dollars for car distributors depending on the type (ignition, electronic or engine distributors), make, and…

Repairing Your Car’s Suspension

A vehicle’s suspension is the system of linkages, shock absorbers and springs that connects it to its wheels. A healthy suspension allows your car to ride smoothly. Trouble with your front end suspension parts can result in huge problems for your vehicle and cost you much more money in the long run. A defective front…