Isuzu Used Parts at All Import Auto Parts

Isuzu Motor Company began as Ishikawajima Shipbuilding and Engineering Company in 1916. They formed a partnership with Tokyo Gas and Electric to build cars.  They then formed a partnership with Wolseley Motors Limited in 1918, giving them exclusive rights for production and sales of Welseley vehicles in East Asia.  Their first car, the A-9, was…


Infiniti QX56 Injects Life into Luxury SUV Market

Surprisingly, even in our miserable economy and in this era of amplified “green” alarms, people continue to purchase full-size luxury SUVs. Though full-size luxury SUV sales rose to nearly 300,000 units in 2006, the marketplace has slumped into a 100,000-unit tempo in the United States. Infiniti expects this trend to persist for the lifespan of…


Acura Used Auto Parts

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Save money on car repairs on your import car. We stock one of the largest inventories of Japanese and European import cars. If you don’t see your make or car listed, call or email us. Acura Cars   Audi Cars BMW Cars Daewoo Cars Honda Cars Hyundai Cars Infiniti Cars Isuzu Cars Jaguar Cars Kia…


Import Auto Used Shocks

Looking for a replacement shocks and struts for your import car? All Import Auto Parts carries the largest selection of used shocks for Japanese and European import cars. If you need a replacement shock for your car, truck or SUV, our Fort Worth junkyard has the parts. Our used auto shock inventory includes: struts shocks,…


Hyundai Car Parts keep Hyundais Running Strong

The Hyundai Motor Company is an automobile manufacturer based in South Korea. It’s the second-largest car builder on the continent of Asia, with Toyota being the largest. Cars manufactured by Hyundai are less expensive than most other brands; their uncomplicated styles and beautiful designs are appreciated by many people. Hyundai car parts can be purchased…


Hyundai and Kia News for June 2014

June was good to Hyundai Motor Company, as the Korean automaker showed a 1.2 percent increase over June of 2013.

For the month of June, 412,648 cars were sold, with domestic sales increasing 7.9 percent, and overseas shipments moving up 0.2 percent.  The top selling car in the Hyundai lineup was the newly introduced Sonata sedan.


How to Shop for Vintage Car Parts

Vintage cars are like works of art. Imagery from the past, they show us how life used to be. Many people still drive or exhibit antique cars today. Yet, it is not always easy to keep an old car in working order. To make sure your car runs you need to be able to get…


How to Replace Rear Coil Springs

Are you having a rough ride with that vehicle of yours? The first thing most people think of when the ride gets rough is the shocks need replacing, but quite often it is the rear coil springs and not the shocks.

The rear coil springs take some of the wear and tear off of your vehicle’s suspension.  They save the shocks by taking some of the force out of bumps in the road, and by easing the load when you are hauling heavy loads.  Eventually, as with all auto parts, your coil springs will need replacing.  The front coil springs are difficult to replace and should be left to a car mechanic unless you are very proficient with auto repair.  However, the rear coil springs are a relatively easy replacement.