The 2015 Subaru Legacy

The midsize family sedan segment is highly competitive.  The Ford Fusion, the Honda Accord, the Mazda 6, Nissan Altima and Toyota Camry is like a who’s who of heavy hitters in the car business.  They are all excellent choices and all deserve consideration by car-buyers. So why, then, should someone consider the Subaru Legacy? It…


The 2015 Subaru BRZ

What do you think of when someone says Subaru?  Chances are the first thing that came to mind was “all-wheel drive,” right?  That’s what they are known for, the quintessential family-safe car that can handle any weather conditions.

Let’s try another little word-association. What do you think of when someone says “affordable sports car?”  Did you think of Porsche?  Possibly the Mazda RX-7? Maybe the Nissan 270Z?

What if we told you that the Subaru BRZ is a rear-wheel drive sports car?  And what if we told you that it is every bit as good as the three competitors we mentioned?  What if we told you the Subaru BRZ can stand toe-to-toe with the Ford Mustang or the Ford Focus ST? Well it can, it is, and you really should give this Subaru a try if you are looking for a sporty car that is under thirty grand.


The 2015 Scion xB

Why do people buy hatchbacks?  Usually because they are looking for a practical solution for small hauling jobs, right?  I mean what other reason would there be to have the back end of your vehicle open up?  You want an easy way to get to cargo.

Why do people buy compact wagons?  Again, for storage space, but most definitely for hauling a number of passengers around comfortably.

And why do people buy Scions?  If you asked previous Scion owners, you would most likely hear “fun” as the number one reason. Scions are fun cars to drive and they have a little spice that most drivers enjoy.


The 2015 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

For those of you looking for a practical, consistent, relatively inexpensive luxury car, this article is not for you.  This article is about flashy.  This article is about expensive, and this article is about exotic. 

In other words, this article is about the 2015 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.


The 2015 Land Rover Evoque

If we say “Land Rover,” what do you say? Most likely you’ll say the savannahs in Africa or some serious off-roading in the wilds of Alaska.  That’s what Land Rovers do, right?  They go where few other vehicles can go. But what most people do not think of is outstanding style.  The 2015 Land Rover…


The 2015 Kia Soul

What is a Kia Soul?  Go ahead, try to classify it.  We’ll wait.

Is it a compact SUV?  Is it a hatchback?  Is it a CRV?  Is it a wagon?

Nobody knows for sure so don’t feel bad.  Depending on which publication you read, you may see it classified as any of the above.  Or none of them.

So let’s try a different question:  what are the best things about a Kia Soul?


The 2015 BMW X5

There is something to be said for being one of the first to enter a new classification of cars.  The Ford Explorer and its success can be at least partially attributable to the fact that it was basically the first family SUV.  The Beetle was hugely popular as one of the first fun-to-drive hatchbacks.  The same can be said about the success of the BMW X5, one of the first luxury SUVs.