Mercedes C280 Great Luxury Car

You may be debating right now between buying a new car or a used car? Well let’s use the Mercedes C280 as an example. The new models are great; they come with many amazing features that are very attractive. The older models however, are also great and they have proven to be very durable. The…


Mercedes C230 Powerful Car

Keeping a car running can be very expensive, especially if your car is a few years old. Even though a car like the Mercedes C230 is very durable, warranties can expire and parts can wear down or even break. Some parts will be simple, windshield wipers, door handles, rear view mirrors, and others. Some parts…


Mercedes C220 Luxury Meets Sport

 Very few sedans, big or small, have successfully combined the aspect of luxury and sport like the Mercedes C220. This sedan has done an amazing job as it combines first class safety features, amazing handling, great acceleration, and sporty qualities that allow this vehicle to be more than just a luxury car. This little cars…


Mercedes Benz AMG Comfortable Ride

Many people like to purchase a new or used vehicle based on its durability. While the Mercedes Benz AMG does offer many of the features the other cars built by the manufacturer offer, it does offer something above most others, durability. That is why this particular model is well respected and sought after. You can…


Mercedes Auto Glass Available

Are you the owner of a Mercedes?  Have you ever had to have your windshield replaced?  Pretty expensive, wouldn’t you say?  Well it doesn’t have to be! Head on down to All Import Auto Parts and save big on Mercedes windshields and other window glass.  There is no reason to spend hundreds when you can…


Mercedes Announces Sales for October, 2014

Daimler announced that record sales were recorded worldwide for Mercedes-Benz and Smart, up eight percent in October over October, 2013.  A total of 146,112 units were sold in October, 2014, and the sales record was led by a very strong showing in China.

Mercedes marketing and sales boss Ola Kaellenius said that the new C-class wagon and the S-class coupe have proved to be very popular worldwide.



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