Replace Auto Body Parts Yourself

So, you have decided to give it a go.  Car repair costs have skyrocketed and you simply cannot afford to let a mechanic replace those auto body parts for you.  It is now time for you to learn how to do some do-it-yourself car repair.

But where to start? How to start?  How do you go from zero knowledge about auto body parts to knowing enough to replace them?

Simple!  You learn by trial and error like the rest of us did.  And in the world of online information, you can easily find out how to replace an auto body part with a simple click of your computer mouse.  Seriously!  It is not that difficult.


Repairing Your Car’s Suspension

A vehicle’s suspension is the system of linkages, shock absorbers and springs that connects it to its wheels. A healthy suspension allows your car to ride smoothly. Trouble with your front end suspension parts can result in huge problems for your vehicle and cost you much more money in the long run. A defective front…


Regular Tire Maintenance Will Save You Money

The change of seasons is always a good reminder to think about some tire maintenance, and today, as many in the country dig out from another major snowstorm, perhaps we should take a few minutes to discuss things you can do at home to make sure your tires will serve you for many miles to come.

Tire maintenance is not difficult.  The average car owner with little mechanical aptitude can still do maintenance on tires, so no excuses will be accepted.  To get the maximum mileage, safety and wear from your tires, here are a few things to consider.


Recycling Efforts Help Us All

In eleven days we will celebrate Earth Day, that annual wordwide event that allows us to stop and contemplate how we can help this planet that we live on. First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day today is observed by 175 nations as awareness grows.  Events are held in towns around the world; thousands of schools…


Rear View Mirrors Keep Us Safe

When would you guess that rear view mirrors first appeared on automobiles?  Anyone?  If you said 1911 you would be correct as Ray Harroun had a rear view mirror on his Marmon racing car in the Indianapolis 500 race that year.  He actually got the idea from seeing women use hand-mirrors to see behind them…


R.L. Polk Releases Sales of U.S. Pickups

R.L. Polk, a provider of automotive information, recently released their latest figures on 2012 U.S. sales of midsize pickup trucks.  The figures are a bit surprising. Ever since Ford discontinued the Ranger and Dodge discontinued the Dakota, there has been a hole in the compact/midsize pickup lineup.  That hole may be filled in the coming…


Purchasing Used Auto Parts from a Salvage Yard

The used auto parts salvage business has come a long way in the last few years. Many of them use computer databases to inventory available used auto parts. Old vehicles are brought in, and most of them are pre-stripped and the parts stored in similar lots (i.e., fenders). Digging through heaps of rusty old cars…


Purchasing Parts for Your Daewoo Leganza

The Leganza, known as Daewoo’s flagship sedan, quietly made its way into the jam-packed American market. The year it was unveiled, Daewoo Leganza burst on the scene with an exterior design that came from the combined endeavor of the in-house stylists and Giugiaro’s famous ItalDesign operation. This Italian studio was responsible for designing many highly…