2015 Kia Sportage

What are you looking for in a small crossover SUV? That’s really the question you must ask before you decide and purchase. What qualities are most important to you because goodness gracious, there is no shortage of small crossover SUVs on the market to choose from. The Kia Sportage has been around now for over…


2016 Lexus RX Delivers Safety and Superior Handling

The all-new 2016 Lexus RX may not be your first thought when considering a luxury SUV, but it definitely deserves your consideration.  It’s funny how our thought-processes are.  When you say luxury to an American driver, they instantly think of Mercedes-Benz or BMW, but rarely do they think of the Japanese competition.  Considering the fact…


Subaru of America Continues to Break Sales Records in 2015

When you’ve got a great product, it should come as no surprise when sales are record-setting, and that’s the case with Subaru of America as they had a record-breaking February, 2015. Subaru of America reported that sales were up 18.5 percent in February 2015 over February 2014.  They also reported that year-to-date sales are up…


75,000th Nissan LEAF Sells in United States

It started, of course, with the Toyota Prius:  America’s slow turn towards energy-efficient automobiles.  The Prius has been wildly popular, so it only stands to reason that other automakers would jump on that bandwagon, and one who jumped and made a huge splash is Nissan with their Nissan LEAF.

Mazda Shows Increased Sales in February 2015

For some car manufacturers, 2015 has started out slowly in sales, but for others, like Mazda North American, the year 2015 looks to be every bit as successful as 2014 was, if not more so. Mazda North American reported that February, 2015, was the best February for sales since 2012 with an increase of 5.4…