Mazda Tribute Recall and Used Parts

Mazda recently announced it was recalling 109,000 Mazda Tributes because of a potential rusting problem to the frame parts in states where road salt is heavily used to combat snowy conditions.  The rusting problems could result in steering problems it is said.

Honda Used Parts at All Import Auto Parts

Are you in the market for some Honda used parts? Well you certainly came to the right place.  All Import has been gathering up quality used auto parts for years, and our new arrivals keep coming to our yard, and whatever it is that you need for your Honda we promise we can find it.…


Replace Auto Body Parts Yourself

So, you have decided to give it a go.  Car repair costs have skyrocketed and you simply cannot afford to let a mechanic replace those auto body parts for you.  It is now time for you to learn how to do some do-it-yourself car repair. But where to start? How to start?  How do you…


Car Brake Parts and How They Work

For those of you who are novices when it comes to car repair, car brakes are a bit more complicated than the brakes on bicycles, but they work on the same principle.  Something is pushed against the wheel to make your vehicle slow down.  That’s the easy explanation.  The process by which it happens is…


A List of Body Parts For Your Vehicle

Consider this a primer for people who don’t know much about vehicles.  You know how it is, right?  You’re standing around the water cooler at work, and somebody mentions that there is a great sale on body parts at the local salvage yard, and you don’t have a clue what they are talking about.  Well,…