Car Wreckers Near Me

Anyone who has ever done a Google search for “car wreckers near me” knows that wrecking yards, otherwise known as salvage yards, offer some of the best values in terms of replacement car parts to be found. Read on and we will tell you why that statement is true.  We are All Import Auto Parts,…

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Auto Recycling Leads the Way in Consumer Product Recycling

Currently, in the United States, nearly 100% of automobiles get recycled, making auto recycling easily the #1 consumer product for recycling. Think about that for a moment. It’s rather remarkable, in this throwaway country, that any consumer product would be recycled to the tune of 100%, and that fact makes us at All Import Auto…

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Junkyards Near My Location

If you are doing a “junkyards near my location” on Google, rest assured you won’t be disappointed. There are over 60,000 junkyards/salvage yards in the United States, so chances are excellent that you will find one a short drive from your location to find junkyard auto parts.  But, what will you find at your local…

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Which Auto Salvage Yards Can You Trust

We realize that there are many citizens who do not know if they can trust auto salvage yards for quality used auto parts?  It is an image thing, and most salvage yard owners will tell you they have battled that image problem for the entirely of their business history.  And, rather than duck this unfortunate…

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Salvage Near Me

If you are doing a Google search for “salvage near me,” rest assured that there are over 56,000 certified salvage yards in the U.S., and that number will increase as the DIY movement continues to grow, and as the economy continues to stumble along.  Trust us when we tell you it is not a problem…

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