Honda Leads in Sales in 2014

Honda Motor Company has some good news and they want Americans to know about it. The Honda Accord is leading as the most popular car with individual American buyers for the second straight year. In fact, four of Honda’s five top-selling models, the Accord, Civic, CR-V, and Odyssey, and all leading their categories in retail…


Scion Continues to Make Toyota Proud

Toyota can never be accused of resting on their laurels and relaxing a bit.  A few years ago, Toyota released a new line of cars, the Scion line, to appeal to a new generation of youthful buyers.  As Toyota puts it, Scion’s mission is to “provide distinctive products, the opportunity to personalize, and an innovative,…


Volkswagen News from Around the World

When you are one of the top three automakers in the world, it only stands to reason that you will be in the news often.  This week is a perfect example for the German automaker Volkswagen.  Not one, but two, piece of information passed over the news wires this week and we think they are…


BMW Recalls Vehicles For Stalling Problem

BMW and Mercedes are busy recalling vehicles for problems that, so far, have not caused any accidents or injuries. BMW recently announced a recall of over 156,000 vehicles to correct a stalling problem that was first noticed in China.  In 2012, BMW recalled a number of vehicles because the aluminum bolts that secure the housing…


Mazda Tribute Recall and Used Parts

Mazda recently announced it was recalling 109,000 Mazda Tributes because of a potential rusting problem to the frame parts in states where road salt is heavily used to combat snowy conditions.  The rusting problems could result in steering problems it is said.